Olea (Eng. olive tree), the tree that captivates us by its appearance through all the seasons as well as by its fruit that provides us with its golden drops. With its wrinkled bark, in its trunk and crown, it has given birth to new life throughout the centuries. This is why we have chosen the olive tree to be our trademark. It comprises in itself our region, our history and the distinctive feature of perseverance, firmness and elegance. Our catering offer comprises a wide range of local and international cuisines, menus for people with special dietary needs as well as vegetarian menus. We approach each new event individually. Food and beverage options are discussed with you, based on your wishes and needs, in order for you to present yourself to your guests in the best way possible. Our experienced professionals will try to fulfil all your wishes, desires and fantasies, justify your confidence, and season it all up with elegance and sophistication of your and our special moment. Therefore, we hope that our cooperation will result in mutual satisfaction, and your ceremony in a memorable event.